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Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Katelyn Wild is available during regular business hours to handle the day-to-day operations of the finance department, as well as matters pertaining to human resources.   Ms. Wild can be reached at KWild@MineHill.com or 973-366-9031 ext. 6.

The most recent Financial Documents are available on the Public Documents Portal.

2015 Municipal Budget (Including Garbage District Budget)     2015 Mayor’s Budget Message

2014 Municipal Budget (Including Garbage District Budget)     2014 Mayor’s Budget Message

2013 Municipal Budget      2013 Garbage District Budget      2013 Mayor’s Budget Message

2012 Municipal Budget

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2015 (see Portal)

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2014

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2013

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2012

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2011

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2010

Report of Audit FYE 12/31/2009

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2015 (see Portal)

Annual Debt Statement FYE 12/31/2015

Annual Financial Statement  FYE 12/31/2014

Annual Debt Statement FYE 12/31/2014

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2013

Annual Debt Statement FYE 12/31/2013

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2012

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2011

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2010

Annual Financial Statement FYE 12/31/2009

The Township adopted a “Pay-to-Play” ordinance in 2004, and has not amended the ordinance since that time.  Please click here for a copy of this ordinance.