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Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

**Important Note: If you use containers to place your garbage and recycling to the curb, please only use 32 gallon garbage cans with handles.  Any other container may be mistaken as part of your refuse and taken away.  The Township and its vendors are not responsible for the loss of an improper container placed to the curb.**

Garbage, Yard Waste and Recycling Pick-up Schedule:

Please click here for a complete 2021 Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Pick-up Schedule.


Regular Garbage Pick-up will accept TWO GARBAGE CANS and ONE BULK ITEM PER HOUSEHOLD PER WEEK. Residents are permitted to place at the curb a maximum of two (2) containers of garbage (cans or bags) not to exceed 40 lbs. per bag/container per collection.  Please place your garbage out to the curb by 6:00 a.m.  Garbage Pick-up does not accept electronics, appliances, household hazardous wastes, tires, or construction debris. Please see below for disposal of these items.  To report a garbage or yard waste concern, including missed pickups, please call Blue Diamond Disposal at 973-598-9800.


For more information about Single-Stream Recycling, including how to dispose of shredded paper, please click here.  To report a single-stream recycling concern, including missed pickups, please call MCMUA at 973-659-3490 or 973-285-8390.

Vegetative Waste Disposal:

*Place Vegetative Waste to the Curb by 6:00 AM (or the night before)
*Branches and Brush MUST be cut to 4’ (four foot) lengths and bundled with twine

*Grass Clippings and Leaves MUST either be bagged in Brown Yard Waste Bags or placed in a CLEARLY MARKED 32 gallon container weighing less than 40 lbs. Yard Waste Bags are
available for purchase at Town Hall (10 bags for $5).

“The Mulch Site” on Canfield Avenue:

The mulch site is open Saturdays (holiday weekends excluded) and Wednesdays from the first weekend in April through the first weekend in December.  Hours are 9AM to 12PM on Saturday and  3:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Wednesdays.  You will be required to show proof of residence and your debris will be cataloged to keep up with current NJ DEP regulations. To see the location of the mulch site please click HERE.

If you are looking to dispose of an item that works:

If you are looking to dispose of electronics or appliances that are still in working order, consider donating them to a non-profit such as the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Randolph.  Information about the ReStore and other locations for donating, please click here.

Electronics Recycling:

Electronics can be recycled at Town Hall, Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 3 PM. Please register your electronics with Town Hall prior to disposing of them in the first container behind the Civic Center.  This service is free to Township Residents.

Appliance & Metal Recycling:

If you are able to bring your appliances to Town Hall, they can be dropped off behind the Civic Center in the second container between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM.  All drop-offs need to be registered with Town Hall before taking them out to the second container.  This includes non-metal appliances such as vacuum cleaners and dehumidifiers (basically anything with a plug that is not an electronic device ie: computers, printers, phones etc).  If your appliance contains Freon, a $15 charge for removal and disposal of the Freon will be applied.

For metal appliances (ie: washing machines), if you are not able to bring your item to Town Hall, a “pick-up sticker” can be purchased at from Town Hall for $10.  Appliances registered prior to 10 AM on Tuesday will be picked up on Wednesday of the same week.  If your appliance contains Freon, certification of removal of the Freon by a certified professional will be required at the time of registration for pick-up.

Medical Waste:

Wharton Police Department accepts unwanted pills all year, but they are unable to accept liquid medications or needles.  For information about the Take Back Initiative, where liquids and needles can be disposed of, click here.  If you have a reoccurring need to dispose of needles, please contact the Reception Desk at St. Clare’s in Dover to register for a disposal container.

Household Hazardous Waste: 

Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority (MCMUA) holds household hazardous waste events throughout the year.  Hazardous Waste Items can also be taken to MCMUA by appointment only.  Call (973) 631-5109 for an appointment.


Tires should be disposed of at the Parsippany Transfer Station, 1100 Edwards Road, Parsippany, NJ of the MCMUA, (973) 808-9651 in advance of taking your tires to the facility. To access the site for more information click here.

Vehicle Recycling / Donation:

Unwanted vehicles can be locally donated to any of the following:

Make-A-Wish Foundation (http://newjersey.wheelsforwishes.org/)

Breast Cancer Research Foundation (http://www.carstocurebreastcancer.org/new-jersey/)

Vehicles for Veterans (www.vehiclesforveterans.org)

Links to nongovernmental entities are provided at the request of the entity as a convenience to residents.  The Township has not investigated the entities who have provided links and the fact that the link is provided is not an indication of Township sponsorship or support.

Construction Debris (including bathroom fixtures):

Construction debris should be disposed of at the Mount Olive Transfer Station, 168 Gold Mine Road, Mount Olive, NJ of the MCMUA, (973) 347-8106.  This facility is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM, and no appointment is required. You will be required to prove that you are a Morris County resident. To access the site for more information click here.

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