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Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Zoning has a unique role within the organizational structure of municipal government. The primary responsibility is that of guiding the municipality’s future growth while ensuring the preservation of its’unique attributes.

Mine Hill is staffed with a part-time Zoning Officer. This officer is responsible for the enforcement of the Township’s zoning ordinances. These regulations set standards for business in our commercial zones and the requirements of our residential zones. All zones have specific standards governing permitted uses, signs, structure and building sizes, locations and setback requirements. This ensures open space, and protects our town’s reputation as an older, well-planned community with a balanced mix of commercial and residential use located in an attractively landscaped setting.

Although Township zoning regulations and the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code are separate departments, in reality they go hand-in-hand in the daily operation of the Township’s Zoning Ordinance.

Before any construction permit is issued or any proposed change of use or new construction is allowed, a zoning review must be completed to ensure there are no conflicts with the zoning ordinances. If the proposal does not comply with the zoning requirements, the application can be referred to the Planning Board for review. As you can see, there is a great deal of work that is necessary before actual construction begins. All these steps are performed on the local level.

Property Maintenance

Property maintenance ordinances are enforced by the Township’s part-time zoning officer. Property maintenance affects primarily the exterior condition of all buildings, structures and property located in the Township. This section of the ordinance ensures that residents and owners of property in our community respect the rights of others, maintain their property consistently with the minimum standards required, and do so in conjunction with other Township ordinances. It further protects the health, safety and welfare of all residents of our community.

Certificate of Habitability

The certificate of habitability ordinance is a zoning ordinance that Mine Hill has adopted. It applies to all residential properties within the Township. Mine Hill adopted this specific ordinance to maintain housing and building standards in the community. Without its’ enactment, it would be very hard to ensure that residential buildings meet and conform to our zoning guidelines. This is very important, especially in established towns with older buildings and infrastructure.

Simply stated, this ordinance requires that the owner of the property obtain a Certificate of Habitability wherever there is a change of occupancy (as when a change of tenancy takes place) in a rental unit.

The certificate is to be obtained before the new occupancy takes place.

It is strongly recommended that the application be submitted to the zoning officer at least 30 days before the change in ownership or occupancy, so that the required inspection can be scheduled and completed without undue inconvenience. Someone is always available during office hours to help with questions and to provide information if needed. If they cannot provide the specific information requested, the inquiry will be directed to the correct area for a timely response.

The Certificate of Habitability does not replace or supersede a home inspection.

Please remember if you have any questions concerning zoning please call (973) 366-9031 x. 5