Welcome to
Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Yard Waste Reminders


We cannot allow plastic or other garbage in our mulch site. Last week we had people mixing in their garbage and plastic into the yard waste. We cleaned it up, but this has to stop please. We will be marking the bags with the address where they were picked up and issuing fines for anyone who puts garbage in the yard waste recycling stream.

Also, leaves and grass and tiny sticks etc., are the only items that should be in bags. Bags that contain sticks etc will not be picked up. Sticks any larger than a drinking straw need to be bundled and seperated from the bags. These materials go in different piles and can’t be mixed. This has always been the rule, but our garbage hauler disregarded it.

The mulch site is located on Canfield avenue heading toward Rt 10 on the right side just before the natural spring. It is open Saturday 9-Noon and Wednesdays 5-7 PM. You can drop off materials there if you prefer.