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Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Snow Storm Update 2016-01-22 1:04 PM


The storm tonight and tomorrow looks like it will give us 8-10″ of snow.  If the storm drifts north we might see more.

With this in mind I wanted to email and remind everyone of a few things:

1.  Sidewalks must be cleared within 24 hours of end of snowfall.  Warnings and or tickets may be issued if this isn’t done.  If you can’t do it yourself, please use a contractor or try to get some local kids to help.

2.  Keep snow on your own property.  If you have a snow plow contractor for your driveway, they cannot plow the snow into the road or public spaces. They must keep it on your property. If they do plow it out in the road, you and they are subject to a fine and also will have to remove the snow again.  Please let your plow company know this ahead of time.

3.  There is no parking in the street when snow covered or during snowfall.  This is for the safety of the DPW and emergency personnel.  They need to clean the streets safely without vehicles in the way.  You’re subject to fines and/or your car being towed.  Please move your cars in tonight before the snow starts overnight.  

4.  Do not clean your car off in the street.  Since vehicles have to be off the road, the snow on them needs to stay off the road.  You’ll get a ticket possibly and have to clean up.

5.  Please move all portable basketball nets back away from the curb.  There are a lot of them in the street or at the edge of the curb.  If they get damaged, we will not reimburse for them.

JCPL is concerned with power outages due to high winds.  In case of a power outage that is expected to last more than a few hours, we will have the civic center open if needed.  We will update you on this if it’s needed.