Welcome to
Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Road Paving Week of June 30th


The Township is paving three streets during the week of June 30th through July 3rd.

We will be milling and repaving South 1st Street, North 1st Street and Thomastown Road starting Monday at 7 AM.

Monday and Tuesday will be milling and grading these streets.  Milling is the grinding process to remove the old pavement.  We will be removing the speed humps on Thomastown and S. 1st Avenue during this process.  We will reinstall new speed humps after the streets are paved.  S. 1st will get 1 speed hump reinstalled and Thomastown Road will get 2 speed humps installed.  The new humps are a new design and will be more effective in slowing traffic.  They will be installed within a few weeks of the paving once the asphalt has cured.

On Wednesday and Thursday paving will be occuring and will be finished by the evening of the 3rd.

If you live in the back section area by Mine Hill Beach, please avoid 1st St. and use Dickerson Mine Road & Dell Avenue as an alternative route to Rt 46.  (Edith, Janet, Green, George, Lakeshore, etc.)

For Thomastown Road, we will be managing traffic but there is only one way in and out.

Please be patient and drive slowly in the work area to keep our staff safe.