Welcome to
Mine Hill Township
Morris County, New Jersey

Canfield Avenue / Rt. 46 Construction


Starting Monday April 25th Canfield Avenue and Rt. 46 will be under construction.

The week of the 25th and part of May 4th the sidewalk between Canfield School and Rt. 46 will be reconstructed.

The Right Lane between the school and Rt. 46 will be closed from 8:30 to 4:30. There will be one lane at the Rt. 46 light.   EXPECT DELAYS along this area especially at 3:30 pick up. Coming to Rt. 46 on Baker St. past Town Hall will not help as this way always has delays anyway.

I recommmend taking the long way around.  Go left out onto Canfield and come around West Randolph to Randolph back to 46 by the Mine Hill Market.  I know this seems excessive, but it’ll be the easiest way to go with this construction.

The week of May 2nd a sidewalk will be getting installed along Rt. 46 from Canfield Avenue to Baker St. (by the firehouse).  The east bound lanes will be reduced to 1 lane.  This will be inconvenient but should not cause delays.

A new crosswalk from the Spartan station crossing Canfield Avenue and over to the Rt. 46 sidewalk will also be installed.

In 2017 the State of NJ is scheduled to redo the entire intersection at Canfield and 46.  This will greatly improve the intersection.  I’ll keep you posted on this as we learn more.