Beach Hours and Directions

Due to the cold and rainy weather this Spring it has delayed the beach preparation. We will be opening the Mine Hill Beach at Sunset Lake on Friday, June 8th at 4:00 PM. As a thank you for your patience while we prepare the beach we would like to welcome all to come join us on June 8th as a complimentary (free) day at the beach.

In addition, the Mine Hill Council and Mayor have waived the fee only for Mine Hill Residents for the 2018 beach season. Please bring a form of ID with your address and you can come and enjoy the beach whenever it is open.

Mine Hill Beach Hours of Operation:

Monday – Tuesday: 4:00 PM ‐ 7:00 PM

Wednesday – Sunday: 12:00 PM‐ 7:00 PM

The Beach is open only during the summer season. For the specific opening and closing dates please contact Katelyn at


Directions to the Beach:

From Route 46

Turn at A1 Driving School onto South 1st Avenue

Proceed straight back to the “T”, approximately 1/8 mile

Turn left onto Frank Street

Keep left along the woods onto Green Road

Slowly proceed down Green Road until you arrive at Mine Hill Beach at the end of Green Road

For GPS purposes, the Beach is #34 Green Road, Mine Hill, NJ

For printable directions and a map, click here.