Budget Information

Below are the basic budget figures for the budget we are introducing Today.
It’s pretty boring stuff. No tax increase. No borrowing for the 9th year in a row.
We are in a strong position to manage our finances through this virus-skewed year because of our debt-free position.
We are keeping our capital and operating expenses very tightly. New Jersey is in deep financial trouble. Until the Governor’s budget is introduced in August we don’t know how that will affect us. So we are keeping our cash position fluid and carefully managed.
Capital plans:
We plan to pave: 5th, Bissell, 4th, Randall (with curbing), Indian Falls, Hillside, Oakwood (partial) and Chestnut and Clark (partial). Possibly S. 2nd, S. 3rd, S 1st St. will be paved as well. Unknown at this time though.
Sewers will expand to Pine, Maple, Spruce, Coslett. (starting in June) Depending on DEP approval we hope to expand to Thomastown, Randolph Avenue, Alan, Valley View, Canfield, Randall Ave.
The budget figures are below. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Operating Budget:
Total Current fund budget – $ 4,825,388
Use of Surplus – $ 667,000
2021 Projected Surplus – $ 614,000
Amount to be raised by taxes – $ 3,359,970
Debt service – $ 0
Capital Improvement fund – $ 195,000
Total Tax Levy including school and county – $ 12,398,970
Tax Rate – .74990
No increase
Water Budget:
Total Water budget – $ 502,558
Use of Surplus – $ 55,000
Debt service – $ 0
Sewer Budget:
Total Sewer Budget – $ 709,245
Use of Surplus – 237,745
Debt Service – $ 130,000 (P) & $ 24,000 (I) – After 2020 $ 426,000 outstanding in bonds
BAN Interest – $ 40,000
BANS outstanding for sewer projects – $ 2,006,000
Garbage Budget:
Total Garbage Budget – $ 377,000

Garbage Pickup

Garbage pickup has always been limited to 3 cans and 1 bulk item every week.  Blue Diamond has been accommodating taking away the additional amounts being left out.  Due to the over abundance of garbage they can no longer provide this additional service.  Starting this Thursday please only put out 3 cans and 1 bulk item.  Anything over this amount will not be picked up.

Weekend Recap

As of Friday, no new cases, 17 in quarantine. Mine Hill Beach will be closed for the season because insurance won’t cover it. In-person Memorial Day festivities are cancelled. A video Memorial Day Service will be posted. Enjoy the weekend!